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Design Director- Hytale

We're looking to appoint a design director to join the Hypixel Studios development team. Our members range from industry newcomers to experts with 15+ years of experience. Team members come from a diverse set of backgrounds, but share a common passion for building player-focused, community-powered games.

The key qualities we look for in applicants are that they are demonstrably passionate about their hobbies, have the drive and commitment to deliver results with minimal supervision, have international-level professional competency in their skill sets, and can demonstrate involvement with other interesting projects throughout their lives.

As a new member and lead of our game design team you will be responsible for…

  • Championing vision. Working with studio leadership to continually understand our audience and their needs. Influence game vision and inspire the team as we create it.
  • Planning. Collaborate with production and other discipline leads to assess workload and capacity, as well as set priorities for the design team.
  • Architecture. Establish an overall design vision for how various systems and features fit together. Craft an exceptional holistic experience from start to “finish” for players.
  • Leading. Grow a strong team of game designers through mentorship, fair evaluation, and consistent coaching. Establish design values, teach design frameworks, and scale the team’s ability to tackle multiple design challenges simultaneously.
  • Executing. Participate heavily in the creation of systems and features to demonstrate best practices like design documentation and how to collaborate with other development disciplines.
  • Iterating. Navigate feedback from the team and community. Lead a healthy culture of critical thinking and iterative design to continually evolve the game.
  • Supporting. Be a resource to designers and development staff assisting in the mediation and resolution of complex problems or leading larger projects. Availability is expected for support across US and European time zones.


  • 7+ years design experience with a proven track record in leadership roles.
  • Experienced in working with vision holders, designers and production to help steer production planning and decision making.
  • Experienced in the execution of design deliverables working with multiple disciplines to bring ideas from page to screen while maintaining their purpose and direction.
  • You bring a gravitas, born of experience, to pull the team together behind rock solid design acumen.
  • Capable of operating in both leadership and contributor roles. You understand the importance of building and supporting a strong team, but also recognize when a team needs to see leadership by example.


Bonus Traits

  • Experience with sandbox / open world / RPG design.
  • Experience working on a live product.
  • Highly adaptable when it comes to working across a range of existing and new technologies.
  • Experience with public speaking.
  • Experience with remote teams and management.

We can offer

  • The ability to work remotely and flexibly.
  • A chance to work on a new game project with an extremely motivated team.
  • Opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.
  • A stable and secure work environment.